Offering FREE registered programs for children in Elementary and Junior High in Abbottsfield and Clareview!

Who We Are


Our Mission 

"To provide programs for children ages 6-12 that encourage the development of effective living skills, the pursuit of healthy lifestyle choices ad the connection of families to the community." 


Our Vision 

Healthy Living Skills for Children and their Families


We Believe

That all children have the right to learn skills that will enhance their quality of life.

That all children have the right to express their feelings and know they are valued.

That all children have the right to grow up in a positive, healthy, secure and stable environment. 

 That family, school and community greatly influences the development of a child. 

That the most influential periods in a person's life occur when he/she is a child. 

That participation in recreational activities is not a luxury, but a necessity for a happy and healthy life. 

That access to cultural and recreational facilities promotes a sense of citizenship.  


Our Goals

To promote a healthy sense of self-esteem in each participant;

To enhance participants' social interaction skills;

To promote relationships between participants, families, schools and community service providers;

To guide participants to new and interesting opportunities in the community;

To provide parents with helpful resources and to offer support to parents, caregivers and teachers. 

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